Think Trump’s Response To London Attack Was Vile? Wait Until You Hear What This GOP Congressman Just Said

Just when you thought that Trump had the most outrageous and vile response to the London terror attack, a Republican congressman steps forward and says hold my beer.

Over the weekend, London suffered a deadly terror attack leaving seven dead and nearly 50 injured. So how did the President of the United States respond to this violent attack on one of our closest allies? He attacked London’s Muslim mayor.

First he lied and said that Mayor Sadiq Khan told his people not to be alarmed about the attack. Khan actually told Londoners not to be alarmed by extra police presence. Then, to make it worse, Trump doubled down on his attack on the mayor, calling him “pathetic.”

As vile as Trump’s behavior is, there’s a Republican congressman who went even further into crazy-town.

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) is calling for death to anyone even suspected of being an Islamic radical. Yes, seriously.

On Sunday Higgins, who used to be a police officer, posted on his campaign Facebook page,

“The free world… all of Christendom… is at war with Islamic horror. Not one penny of American treasure should be granted to any nation who harbors these heathen animals. Not a single radicalized Islamic suspect should be granted any measure of quarter. Their intended entry to the American homeland should be summarily denied. Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt them down. Hunt them, identity them, and kill them. Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all.”

Mother Jones reports,

“With his declaration that Christendom is “at war with Islamic horror,” Higgins was embracing a theme of the far-right: the fight against extremist jihadists is part of a fundamental clash between Christian society and Islam. And in this Facebook post, he was calling for killing not just terrorists found guilty of heinous actions but for killing anyone suspected of such an act. He did not explain how the United States could determine how to identify radicalized Islamists in order to deny them entry to the United States. It was unclear if his proposal to deny any assistance to any nation that harbors “these heathen animals” would apply to England, France, Indonesia, Spain, and other nations where jihadist cells have committed horrific acts of violence.”

The Republicans are on a furious race to the bottom. And Trump is clearly leading the way.

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