This Liberal Pro Wrestler Is Expertly Trolling Red-State Trump Supporters -VIDEO

Professional wrestler “The Progressive Liberal” has Trump supporters in the deep south seeing red. And he’s loving every minute of it.

If you want to see some Trump supporting red-necks lose their minds, mess with their pro wrestling. And “The Progressive Liberal” is just the guy to do it.

Daniel Harnsberger is a professional wrestler who goes by the name “The Progressive Liberal” Daniel Richards. And he’s become quite the villain on the Appalachian Mountain Wrestling scene.

Harnsberger is driving fans crazy in Kentucky and nearby states telling them that he is coming to take their guns away and calling Trump a “con man.” He also likes to wear shirts covered in pictures of Hillary Clinton.

The Hill says,

“His finishing move is a neckbreaker called the “Liberal Agenda.” And he is known for mocking the region’s accent, mocking country music and yelling at the audience to “Feel the Bern!””

One of the reasons Harnsberger is having so much fun taunting and mocking Trump supporters is because he knows what he’s saying is true. He really is a Liberal. And he knows exactly how to get under righties’ skin. He told Sports Illustrated,

“I do lean far left. So it’s not like I’m pretending to be something I’m not. I’m just turning it up.”

Harnsberger told SI about a time when he got a crowd really worked up about gun control. He said he looked out into the audience and an angry guy pointed at him and then pointed to the heat he was packing.

Harnsberger said, “I didn’t take anyone’s guns away. That’s probably why I’m still here today.”

The hostile unfriendly crowds don’t seem to bother the Progressive Liberal. He still has hopes that maybe he can reach some of them.

“I’ve said in many interviews, ‘You people vote against your own interests.’ That’s as whole-hearted as anything I say.”

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