Australian Journalist Totally Destroys Trump After G20 -VIDEO

This is a brutal hit on Trump by the foreign press. It’s time the American press starts being this honest.

Chris Uhlmann is a political editor at the Australian Broadcast Corporation. And he just made an intelligent, honest, and very brutal assessment of Trump’s behavior at the G20 Summit.

“We learned that Mr. Trump has pressed fast forward on the decline of the U.S. as a global leader,” Uhlmann said. “He managed to diminish his nation and to confuse and alienate his allies.”

Uhlmann pointed out how Trump is systematically isolating the United States from the rest of the advanced world. He also highlighted the way that Trump has divided people here at home and exacerbated division around the world.

The Australian journalist said that Trump has found the “illness” at the heart of the “Western democracies,” but he “has no cure for it and seems to just want to exploit it.” 

Trump’s unhinged and reckless Twitter habit has been a source of acid reflux for many Americans. And it looks like the rest of the world is just as disgusted by it as we are.

Uhlmann called Trump “a man who barks out bile in 140 characters, who wastes his precious days as president at war with the West’s institutions — like the judiciary, independent government agencies and the free press.”

Uhlmann’s entire assessment is spot on. As harsh as it is, he says in this clip what we’ve all been thinking. Are you paying attention American press? We could really use some of this brutal honesty here at home… now.

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