Clinton, Romney Campaign Heads Join To Protect Future Elections From Cyberattacks

Clearly the Trump administration has no intention of protecting our elections from more cyber attacks. So the Clinton and Romney campaign chiefs are taking matters into their own hands. Putting country over party…what a novel concept.

The manager of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Robby Mook, and the manager of Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign, Matt Rhoades, are joining together to find ways to protect American elections from future cyberattacks.

On Tuesday, the Harvard Kennedy School announced that Rhoades and Mook will co-lead the Defending Digital Democracy Project at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

CNN reports,

“The initiative will focus on developing “concrete solutions” to address the threat of hacks on political organizations and election infrastructure. It will seek to develop and share best strategies with organizations involved in the electoral sphere. The announcement marks the first major effort to explicitly organize regarding the growing concern over election-related cybersecurity threats.”

“Eric Rosenbach, co-director of the Belfer Center and former chief of staff to former Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, will join Mook and Rhoades and serve as director of the project. Defending Digital Democracy has recruited two top election lawyers on the Democratic and Republican side to help steer the effort. The initiative has brought on additional experts with backgrounds in technology, national security and cybersecurity to serve on a senior advisory group. Facebook’s chief security officer and Google’s director of information security and privacy are among the members joining the group.”

About the project, Matt Rhoads made an important point that seems to be lost on Trump and most of the Republicans in Congress. He said,

“Cyberattacks¬†on campaigns and elections are a threat to our democracy and affect people of all political stripes. Foreign actors could target any political party at any time, and that means we all need to work together to address these vulnerabilities.”

Robby Mook added,

“Many foreign countries, and even terrorist organizations, exploit digital technology to advance their agendas and influence public narratives abroad.”

In a time when our country is so deeply divided, it is refreshing to see a true bipartisan effort to address a serious threat to this nation and democracy itself.

Trump seems determined to protect Russia. And clearly, he has no intention of holding them accountable for hacking our 2016 election. He has absolutely no problems with the Russian attack because they helped him win. And for Trump, it’s not about protecting this nation or the ideals we were founded upon. It’s only about a personal win for him. Our country may be destroyed in the process. But,as long as he benefits personally, he couldn’t care less.

The Russians were successful in their cyber attack against us last year. And one thing is for sure, they will do it again. So will other countries now that it’s clear our president is cool with it.

Fortunately, Americans are starting to bypass Trump and his loyal suckers in Congress to work on this problem themselves. And we are starting to see some real patriots coming together in a bipartisan way, rejecting the tribalism that Trump promotes.

Mook said their new project “will find practical solutions to help both parties and civic institutions that are critical to our elections better secure themselves and become more resilient to attacks.”

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