Irate Parents Pull Their Sons Out Of Boy Scouts After Trump’s Disgusting Speech

Donald Trump gave an absolutely disgusting and divisive speech at the Boy Scouts Jamboree on Monday night. And parents are pissed. So mad, in fact, that they are demanding an apology and pulling their sons out of Boy Scouts altogether.

On Monday night, Donald Trump joined in a decades-old tradition of a sitting president speaking at the annual Boy Scout Jamboree. But his speech was anything but traditional.

Unlike presidents of the past, Trump did not talk to the young boys about leadership or patriotism or service or honor or self-respect. He instead gave a highly inappropriate, hyperpartisan speech demonizing President Obama, Hillary Clinton, government, the press, and at least half the country.

At one point, he told the 40,000 kids in attendance a bizarre rambling story about a drunken orgy on a yacht. He also egged them on to boo a former president and a former secretary of state.

Trump’s behavior was anything but presidential. And it didn’t represent anything that the Boy Scouts stand for.

Watching Trump tell the kids that he wanted more loyalty and then lead them to boo Obama was beyond disappointing. It was actually terrifying. It felt like watching Hitler with the youth in Nazi Germany.

The impressionable kids may have had fun at Trump’s little campaign rally. But many parents were furious.

Following major backlash after Trump’s speech, the Boy Scouts of America put out a non-apology statement saying that the Boy Scouts remain “a wholly non-partisan” organization. But the statement did nothing to calm the angry parents.

Here are some of the reactions on the Boy Scouts of America Facebook page. There are literally thousands like this.

Anet DiMaggio Horribly weak response. I feel I can no longer trust BSA leadership to make choices with integrity. This speech violated BSA Code on so many levels & I cannot, in good conscience, argue for my son, a Boy Scout, to adhere to the code if the leaders of the organization cannot even follow it. #disappointed #disillusioned

Corrina Galloway Dahl Sorry BSA you are missing the point. I understand why the invitation was given. I believe that you pretty much had to invite him or risk being labeled partisan. However, you need to condemn the speech as it was given and issue an apology to all scouts, their parents, President Obama and Secretary Clinton. Until you do that you will lose support and supporters.

Liz Shopes I’m a Boy Scout parent and this is not enough! They need to denounce what he said. Also, the head of the BSA, who is also head of AT&T, needs to step down.

Laurie Langley Lame. Unacceptable. Fine if you wish to invite a president, but when the president’s rhetoric goes against all that BSA stands for, you then need to denounce his words. Shame on you. If you do not denounce with an appropriated statement, you are hypocrites, your teachings are false. You will be losing scouts right and left. There are other organizations for these boys – ones that practice what they preach. Very disappointing BSA.

Jessie Bells I can no longer allow my sons to be in BS. What do you teach them that they think it okay to boo a former President?

Beth Mitchell Huntsberry The BSA should immediately lose their tax exempt status. I will no longer be associated with the organization. My time and money will go elsewhere.

Mike Ard Denounce Trump’s speech or my son is done.

Michael Christopher Stafford My son and I, along with others I am sure, will be dropping out of Scouts due to supporting behavior that is contrary to the following Mission Statement.

Jude Nevans Cleaver My scouting pride ended tonight, as did my son’s affiliation with scouting.

Patrick Enders I proudly attended the 1985 Jamboree, but I will not allow my son to join an organization which remains silent about Donald’s atrocious speech to the Scouts yesterday.

Richard Wharton Not adequate. I’ll be visiting HQ this week to discuss.

Chris Celek There was nothing respectful about the president’s comments nor the scouts’ reaction re a former president. As an Eagle Scout and former adult leader, I expect BSA to denounce the conduct of jamboree attendees. Further, BSA should immediately implement training required for all leaders to emphasize the considerate approach to citizenship BSA cites in its above statement. It’s evident scouts and their leaders haven’t learned this.

Mary Kay Pinch-Utecht Both of my brothers were scouts and one was an Eagle Scout. My father spent years as a scout leader. Over my dead body will my grandsons be scouts after yesterday’s speech. BSA needs to apologize for that! None of that speech is within the boundaries of being a good scout?????Shame Shame Shame!!!!

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