Joy Reid Don’t Play: Interview With Trump Supporter Goes Off The Rails -VIDEO

“Oh, so I can’t answer anymore?? …This interview is rigged!”

Saturday on MSNBC’s AM Joy, Joy Reid had a heated exchange with a Trump supporter. They tangled over the recent bombshell that Don Jr. had a meeting with a Russian attorney to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government.

Reid had two former intelligence officials on the show to discuss Jr.’s meeting but the debate quickly went off the rails.

MSNBC analyst Malcom Nance represented the sane side of the discussion. Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz was the Conservative Trump supporter on the show. He did his best to defend the indefensible. But it didn’t go well. Unfortunately for him, Joy Reid don’t play.

Fleitz tried to make the case that the whole meeting was a farce because the guy who set up the meeting, Rob Goldstone, was too strange to be working with the Russian government. He even came with props.

Fleitz held up several pictures of Goldstone in silly costumes that he found on social media. Then he said,

“The question is whether this person would have been entrusted by the Russian government — here he is posing as Miss Universe — whether the Russian government would trust someone like this with sensitive information about efforts to undermine the US election. Fleitz added that the Russians would never have “entrusted him with a sensitive intelligence operation.”

Nance argued that Goldstone was likely used by the Russian government because he already had a personal trusted relationship with the Trumps. Nance said that Goldstone “is not the player in this game — he’s merely a communications conduit.”

Fleitz jumped back in holding up his pictures again saying, “Mr. Pirate here was not sharing the details of a Russian operation to affect the election.”

A tense back and forth between Fleitz and Reid then led to the Trump supporter shouting, “This is a rigged interview!”

Joy tried to move on and bring Nance back into the discussion, but Fleitz continued, complaining, “Oh, I see, so I can’t answer anymore?”

Nance responded, “Let me give you an assist here Fred. You seem to need the help.”

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