A Trump Gradeschool Play From The Future -VIDEO

This new video is both hilarious and disturbing. Through parody and humor, it makes a profound point about how Donald Trump is affecting our children.

Ganglebot Films has put out a new video that is both hilarious and disturbing. It’s a play put on by children of the future about Donald Trump’s presidency. The kids use direct quotes and incidents from Trump and his campaign.

While it’s very funny, and it really is, it’s also somewhat jarring to hear children using Trump’s disgusting words and sentiments.

Describing the video Ganglebot Films said,

“Using quotes and scenarios from the 2016 election.

The 2016 election was messy. Children were exposed to profanity by Donald Trump and others, the news had to cover stories about sexual assault and pussy grabbing. This short takes a look at what kids saw and may remember about the election. While this comedy is clearly parody, many of the lines and scenarios are true.

Regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on, hopefully we can all come together and unanimously say that the 2016 election was silly and our children could benefit from a boring and profanity-less 2020 election!

No kids actually cussed in the making of this short!”

Donald Trump is a disaster for this country on so many levels. But what he’s doing to our children is heartbreaking. The President of the United States is showing all of us that honesty, morals, ethics, and just being a decent human being no longer matter. And our children are paying attention.

I love this clip because it makes a strong point. It’s also hilarious. And sometimes we just have to laugh to keep from crying.

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