Trump Plans To Use UN Climate Change Fund To Build Coal Plants

Our idiot in chief is now trying to use a United Nations climate fund that was set up to help poor countries hit hard by climate change to instead build coal-fueled power plants around the world.

Earlier this year, before he left office, President Obama gave $1 billion to the UN’s Green Climate Fund with the agreement that we would give another $2 billion later this year. But when Trump was sworn in, he vowed that the U.S. would stop any future payments to the fund.

Because of the billion that Obama already donated, the U.S. still has a seat on the board. And that seat allows us to help make decisions about how to best help poorer developing countries that are being the hardest hit by climate change.

The fund has already been used around the world to do some great work. As The Hill reports,

“Some of the programs the GCF has funded include hydropower projects in the Solomon Islands and Tajikistan and a renewable energy push in Egypt.”

But that was all back when we still had an intelligent sane POTUS. The ignorant climate-denying buffoon we have now has decided that he would rather use his seat on the board to push for “clean coal” plants around the world.

A White House official told Bloomberg News that at the G20 summit last week Trump made a commitment to “work closely with other countries to help them access and use fossil fuels more cleanly and efficiently.” TrumpĀ also wants to spend some of the GCF money on a natural gas infrastructure across the globe.

Karen Orenstein, the deputy director of the economic policy program at Friends of the Earth, told Bloomberg,

“This is not supposed to be a coal slush fund or a natural gas slush fund. This is a fund about sustainable development in the age of climate crisis.”

The saving grace to Trump’s asinine plan is that we are not the only country sitting on the board. Trump has basically isolated us in the world with his climate denial. But the other countries represented on the board have veto power. And it is unlikely that he will be able to bully them into doing his bidding.

The board runs by consensus. And all potential projects are sent for review from fund-accredited institutions. So, between that and the votes from France, Sweden, and other countries, it is unlikely that Trump will get his way.

But unfortunately that’s not stopping him from humiliating us on the world stage. Again.

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