Twitter Erupts Into Hilarity With #TrumpsFinalDaysMovieTitle

#TrumpsFinalDaysMovieTitle is trending on Twitter. And the responses are freaking hilarious.

It has been an exhausting, depressing, and extremely stressful year since Donald Trump was sworn in as president. On a nearly daily basis we have learned more of Trump’s massive corruption and endless deceptions. The lies coming out of this White House have been staggering. He has humiliated this country every single day since he took office. Every. Damn. Day.

But one thing that has been making us feel a little better is the belief that this will end in Trump’s impeachment. I truly believe that he will be thrown out in disgrace before his term ends.

But, in the meantime, we have to find ways to relieve some of this Trump stress. Sometimes we just have to laugh at the insanity to keep from crying. And Lord knows that we could use some good laughs right about now. I’ve found that mercilessly mocking the buffoon helps a lot.

This summer, a new hashtag about Trump’s impending impeachment was trending on Twitter. And it was freaking hilarious. Twitter users came up with movie titles to describe Trump’s final days. Seriously, this will put a smile your face.

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