The Way Angela Merkel Responded To Putin Today Was Priceless! -VIDEO

Putin felt the need to mansplain something to Angela Merkel on Friday. She wasn’t feeling it. Her response was everything.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is hosting world leaders this week at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. She is emerging as the new leader of the free world thanks to the clown we now have in the White House. And she is clearly not intimidated by bloviating strong men like Trump and Putin.

This video making the rounds on social media Friday is hysterical. It appears that Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to mansplain something to Angela Merkel. Based on her huge eye roll, I’d say she was less than impressed.

Here’s a pic capturing how Merkel feels about Trump. We understand Angela, we feel the same way about him. My guess is he started bragging about his electoral college win or crowd sizes again.

But her response to Putin was even better.

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