WOW: Charles Krauthammer Destroys Conservatives’ Defense Of Don Jr’s Russia Meeting -VIDEO

“It’s a hell of a defense to say your collusion might be incompetent.”

This week we learned definitively that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. After finding out that the New York Times was about to drop a story with damning evidence against Don Jr., Trump’s son released a series of emails proving that Trump and his campaign have been lying about working with the Russians.

Don Jr. was told that the Russian government wanted to help his father by giving them dirt on Hillary. Jr. jumped on it and agreed to meet a Kremlin-tied Russian lawyer saying, “I love it.”

Thanks to good investigative reporting by the NYT, he was busted. Trump’s whole campaign was busted. And so now we’re starting to get the Conservative spin trying to defend Jr.’s behavior.

The truth is there is no defense for trying to collude with a foreign adversary to win the presidency. But that’s not stopping the White House or Conservative media from trying.

Syndicated columnist and Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer has been a consistent defender of Donald Trump. But after seeing the evidence against Don Jr. this week, Krauthammer reached his limit.

On Tuesday, Krauthammer appeared on Fox with Martha MacCallum. Krauthammer told her,

“It’s a hell of a defense to say your collusion might be incompetent.”

“If you get a call to go to a certain place in the middle of the night to pick up stolen goods and it turns out the stolen goods don’t show up but the cops show up, I think you’re going to have a very weak story saying, ‘Well, I got swindled here.’”

Krauthammer has completely dismissed allegations of collusion up until now. Now he says that the White House’s defense for the collusion is “weak.” And he blew a hole in the whole “it was just opposition research” line.

“This is not just opposition,” Krauthammer said. “This is not someone coming out of the woodwork in Indiana with a story about the Clintons. This is a foreign power, and not just any foreign power, an adversary foreign power.”

Krauthammer has defended Trump until now. It’s nice to see that some rational Conservatives are finally admitting the truth about this corrupt administration. And it’s especially nice to see it on Fox, the state propaganda channel. Let’s just hope that more of them start to follow suit.

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