2 MSNBC Hosts Destroy Trump Surrogate Over Trump’s Lies About The Economy -VIDEO

A surrogate with Trump’s reelection campaign just got humiliated on national TV. He tried to repeat Trump’s lies about his economic accomplishments. But the two reporters were having none of it.

For months, Donald Trump has been trying to take credit for the economy. In reality, he should be thanking President Obama. But this is Trump we’re talking about here, so….

On Thursday, an official from Trump’s reelection campaign made an appearance on MSNBC to tout all of Trump’s economic accomplishments. Brad Thomas went on the network to defend the president. But, like so many other Trump surrogates, he immediately began lying.

The two hosts of the show, Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle, are both respected journalists who have been reporting on economics and financial news for a combined 50 years. But apparently Thomas thought he could bullshit them by just repeating Trump’s obvious lies. Clearly, he thought wrong.

Velshi said to him,

“Donald Trump is not even close to being the largest job creator in the first six months of his presidency. Why do you continue to say these things?”

At one point, Thomas attacked the two reporters claiming that “economics are not your background.”

Ruhle cut him off mid-sentence, “I spent 14 years in investment banking.” Then Velshi added, “You can’t just lie on TV.”

It’s great to see journalists finally calling out the lies. And I must admit, it’s really fun watching Trump-suckers get humiliated. More of this please!

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