Crazy Redneck Gives EPIC Rant Against Bigotry And Hate -VIDEO

This is an epic wild rant against Trump and the hatred coming from his supporters. The self-described southern redneck is a little crazy. But he makes some excellent points.

Following the horrific violence in Charlottesville last weekend that left one woman dead and 19 others injured, a shocked nation…and world…looked to the President of the United States for words of strength and comfort. We looked for words that would’ve come naturally from any other president.

But Donald Trump is not a real leader. And once again he wasn’t up to the task.

Instead of trying to calm and unite the country by simply denouncing white supremacists, Trump came out and made a moral equivalency between murderous neo-Nazis and those who were protesting against the racism and hatred. It’s almost like Trump has a unique talent to make any horrible situation even worse.

So, in the absence of any real leadership, Americans have turned to each other to deal with this nightmare. And many decent people have eloquently spoken out against the bigotry and hate.

One of those patriots is a white southerner named Bill Bunting. He may not be quite eloquent, but his message was loud and clear. Bunting posted a video on Facebook last weekend venting his anger and frustration in the way that only a crazy redneck could. And his passionate rant quickly went viral.

Bunting may be a little crazy. But he makes some excellent points. And he expresses what many of us have been feeling all week.

Check it out:

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