Democrats Just Did Something Amazing In Trump Country

This is a very good sign.

While Trump continues to act like an incompetent buffoon, Dems are quietly winning state seats in special elections in Trump country.

The Democrats have been overperforming in all of the special elections since Trump took office. And now they’re gaining incredible momentum with some great wins.

They have picked up some unexpected wins around the country. Last month the Dems swept two very red seats in Oklahoma. OKLAHOMA.

And on Tuesday night, we picked up another huge win in the heart of Trump country in Iowa.

Iowa’s 82nd House District special election was held to replace Democratic Representative Curt Hanson, who died in June. Hanson has held that seat since 2009. But the Republicans were expected to take the seat back Tuesday. Trump won this red district by a whopping 21 points.

But, Tuesday night, the Republicans took a shellacking.

The Washington Journal reports,

“[Republican] momentum skidded to grinding halt as Democrat Phil Miller defeated his Republican opponent Travis Harris with nearly 55% of the vote.”

“Miller’s seat was a key hold for Dems to build momentum in IA for 2018. And Miller continues the late Curt Hanson’s legacy,” the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee tweeted last night. “[The distrcit] has trended more and more Republican, but strong Democratic organization and a strong candidate paved the way to victory.”

These Dem upset wins may be signaling that November 8, 2016 was not the start of a new Trump trend, but instead the climax of it. This is a very good sign for the Democrats going into the 2018 midterms.

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