Fox & Friends Panics And Abruptly Ends Segment When Man Holds Up ‘FOX LIES’ Sign -VIDEO

Fox & Friends got more than they bargained for Wednesday morning when a man dropped a truth bomb into their live broadcast.

Fox lies. That is a fact. But it’s not everyday that you actually see someone on Trump’s propaganda network acknowledging that fact.

On Wednesday morning, Fox News’ Fox & Friends introduced a recurring segment called “Breakfast with Friends.” And it didn’t go well.

In this recurring spot, Fox News correspondent Todd Piro goes to different restaurants around the country to get the “pulse of the people over food.” Show host Steve Doocy said Wednesday, “We started this about two and a half years ago with the presidential campaign. It was so successful.”

Today’s show was supposed to have pancakes with the people of Jefferson County, Kentucky. In retrospect they probably wish they had chosen a restaurant in a redder district.

At the very beginning of the segment, Piro mentioned that they were in a very Democratic district. Two seconds later an unnamed bearded man walked up and said, “You got a Democrat right here. This is fake news!”

The man then unfolded a piece of paper and held it up to the camera. It said, “FOX LIES.” Piro panicked, tried to cover the guy’s sign, and then abruptly ended the segment.

Back in the Fox studio the three hosts looked legitimately stunned. In a sad attempt to cover, Doocy said, “Yeah, we don’t know exactly what was going on there, but they felt in the best interest of the telecast, we cut away.”

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