GA Republican Rep. Threatens Black Dem She ‘May Go Missing’ If She Tries To Take Down Confederate Statue

This is Trump’s GOP. A Republican congressman in Georgia is now making blatant threats of violence to a black female colleague who voiced concerns over Confederate monuments. 

All Republicans may not be racist assholes. But it certainly seems that all racist assholes are Republicans.

On Wednesday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported an extremely disturbing story about a Georgia Republican Congressman named Jason Spencer. Spencer got bent out of shape after a female black former colleague criticized his over-the-top support of Civil War monuments. So he decided to warn her with a racist threat of violence.

Democratic Rep. LaDawn Blackett Jones served in the Georgia House of Representatives with Spencer from 2012-2016. On Tuesday, she commented on Spencer’s Facebook page after he posted pictures of himself at the Jefferson Davis Memorial.

Jones said,

“Yes get it in…before it is torn down. Are state tax dollars going to this? If so I need to take a closer look at the state budget. I’ll deal with it but don’t want to pay for it.”

Spencer assured her that the monuments were going nowhere.

Jones replied,

“We will see. African Americans endured 400 years of slavery and 30 years of Jim Crow, yet we persisted. Take a photo- you won’t be in the legislature forever. Hold on to your family bibles because progress is not on your side. #sorrynotsorry”

Spencer shot back,

“We will. Continue your quixotic journey into South Georgia and it will not be pleasant. The truth. Not a warning. Those folks won’t put up with it like they do in Atlanta. It best you move on.”

Jones, not at all intimidated, answered,

“Yea put your hoods and your tiki torches away. We are no longer afraid. We will not let you hide hate behind heritage. Even if it’s 10, 20, or 50 years away that part of American history is over. We will win. We will never give up! White people, Black people, and everyone in between are joining in and you can’t defeat that we know what those symbols REALLY mean! THIS is not a warning. Lock those photos in your memory because we are about to tear that shit down!”

Then Spencer lost his mind. He threatened,

“I can guarantee you won’t be met with torches but something a lot more definitive. People in South Georgia are people of action, not drama.”

He went on to say that people like Jones “will go missing in the Okefenokee,” adding, “Too many necks they are red around here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about ’em.”

Did I mention that Jones is a black woman?

But she definitely got the last word. Jones replied,

“Sounds like a threat of physical violence…is that what we are doing now? Desperate measures huh? Afraid of what is going to happen in southern GA? I saw those white supremacists crying when shit really hit the fan. See I won’t threaten your safety. I don’t have to. The internet and life will take your children and show them the backwoods ‘we are better than them’ lies you told them as bedtime stories are not true. The lies you feed about superiority will die. They will grow to resent you and then…they will come work for me and my children who were taught no one is better than anyone else! And you will still be in south GA [where] you dared me not to come! Enjoy but know…WINTER IS COMING. You know it too…otherwise you wouldn’t have found a need to even make this post or those hollow threats of not coming to south GA. By the way, I’m in south GA RIGHT NOW!”

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