This Guy At The Boston Protest Makes Me Proud To Be A Liberal -VIDEO

More of this please!

Following the violence and hatred and racism in Virginia last weekend, this country is on edge. So when some of the same speakers who spoke at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville were also scheduled to speak at another rally in Boston on Saturday, many people feared for the worst.

But Saturday’s events in Boston showed instead that despite Trump’s defense of the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, there are far more of us than there are of them.

Boston’s hate fest, billed as a “free speech rally,” turned out to be a humiliation for the racists. On Saturday, around 60 people showed up for the rally in Beantown. And meanwhile, another 40,000 showed up to protest the racism and bigotry.

Liberals have had enough. Decent human beings have had enough. And they showed up in droves to peacefully protest on Saturday.

A local Boston ABC affiliate, WCVB, was embedded with the protesters. And they caught a quick interview with a random man in the crowd that was glorious. The man embodied what this country is all about. And he made me proud to be a Liberal.

The unnamed man told the reporter about how he had protected one of the racists trying to get into the rally from the crowd that was surrounding him.

When the reporter asked what happened to the racists who had been surrounded, the man said, “Nothing happened. I protected them. I took people off of them. We’re Liberals, we don’t believe in violence.”

He continued,

“He had his free speech. I wanted to use ours. I wanted to make sure that idiot was safe. He’s an American citizen just like me and you.”

“We’ve won. Look around. We’ve won.”

When the reporter asked him if the rally should be allowed to go on, the man said,

“Yeah, let ’em speak. Let their ideas out there. Their ideas are ridiculous. Their ideas are silly. And their ideas will die in this sunlight today. We have won. Look around.”

Then the reporter asked him how long he was willing to stay there and protest. He responded,

“I’ll stay here till fucking Thursday. I was on my way to Charlottesville when I heard about this bullshit.”

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