Jeff Sessions’ Own Task Force Shoots Him Down On Marijuana Crackdown

Jeff Sessions wants to go after legal marijuana. So he put together a task force to find the best legal strategy to accomplish his goal. One problem. The task force is giving him no cover.

So far, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ big plan to crackdown on legal marijuana is going nowhere. His own task force won’t even cooperate. And lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are against this move, including conservatives who believe in states’ rights.

The AP reports,

“The Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, a group of prosecutors and federal law enforcement officials, has come up with no new policy recommendations to advance the attorney general’s aggressively anti-marijuana views. The group’s report largely reiterates the current Justice Department policy on marijuana.”

“It encourages officials to keep studying whether to change or rescind the Obama administration’s more hands-off approach to enforcement — a stance that has allowed the nation’s experiment with legal pot to flourish. The report was not slated to be released publicly, but portions were obtained by the AP.”

Sessions has said that marijuana is comparable to heroin. And he claims that marijuana is responsible for violent crime spikes. Both of those are untrue.

John Hudak is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Hudak studies marijuana law and was interviewed by members of the task force. He said that the task force report shows that shutting down the whole industry is neither palatable nor possible.

Hudak said,

“If they come out with a more progressive, liberal policy, the attorney general is just going to reject it. They need to convince the attorney general that the recommendations are the best they can do without embarrassing the entire department by implementing a policy that fails.”

Unfortunately Sessions is not bound by the report. So he could still decide to go after states who have legalized weed or individual businesses selling it. But so far there isn’t much of an appetite to help him do that.


Featured image via The Libertarian Republic

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