New Trump TV Ad Declares Democrats And The Media ‘The President’s Enemies’ -VIDEO

The President of the United States is now calling more than half of this country his “enemies.” Just let that sink in for a minute.

As Trump’s approval ratings continue to plummet, he is becoming more and more desperate to hold on to his base. It’s why he refuses to condemn white supremacists. And it’s why he continues to pit Americans against one another by demonizing and throwing hate toward certain people or groups.

On Sunday, Trump’s campaign released a new 30-second TV ad titled, “Let President Trump do his job.” The ad declares that Democrats and the media are “the President’s enemies.” Incidentally, this ad is coming out one day after Trump told the nation that we need to come together in love following the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Never mind the fact that it is unprecedented, and frankly bizarre, that he is putting out reelection campaign ads when he’s only been in office for six months; but the real message behind this ad makes it clear that Trump is not a president for all of us. Not only does he not give a shit about people who don’t support him — he literally is now calling people who don’t agree with him his enemies.

He doesn’t say that about Russia, or white supremacists, or white domestic terrorists. No. His enemies are the American people.

His new ad starts off,

“Democrats, obstructing. The media, attacking our President. Career politicians, standing in the way of success. But President Trump’s plan is working.”

Then it goes into a whole bit about all of Trump’s supposed accomplishments, citing positive statistics about the economy. Of course, the joke about that is that most of those “accomplishments” are thanks to President Obama. Not Trump.

The voiceover in the ad then states,

“The President’s enemies don’t want him to succeed. But Americans are saying let President Trump do his job.”

This President is truly a disgrace. And he continues to prove that every day.
Every. Single. Day.

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