Republican Congressman Admits They Lied To Win Election, ‘Those Were Just Campaign Words’

A Florida Congressman says that voters shouldn’t have taken the words spoken by him or Trump seriously or literally during the campaign.

On Saturday, conservative Republican Congressman Francis Rooney (R-FL) appeared on CNN to try to explain why Trump lied about Mexico paying for the wall and why the wall may never even be built.

Rooney told CNN host Victor Blackwell,

“I don’t think anyone during the campaign seriously thought that Mexico was going to pay for that wall. We all believe that the wall is a metaphor for border security.”

Blackwell responded,

“Do you believe that the crowds at President Trump’s rallies believed … they were supporting a metaphor instead of a traditional, brick and mortar cement wall?”

Blackwell then played several clips of Trump literally saying that he was going to build “a real wall made of brick and mortar.” In one clip Trump specifically said, “It’s going to be made of hardened concrete and it’s going to be made out of rebar…and we’re going set them in nice heavy foundations.”

The CNN host pounded the point by showing several more clips of Trump promising and swearing that Mexico would pay for the wall.

Then Blackwell followed with bringing Rooney’s own lies into the discussion. He said to the Congressman, “Let’s follow this up with your own promise to voters when you ran for the seat you currently hold.” And then he played a Rooney campaign ad showing the Republican parroting Trump and lying to voters.

When Blackwell asked if Trump was lying about Mexico paying for the wall, Rooney said,

“No, I don’t think Mexico will pay for the wall. I think he was maybe speaking in a campaign hyperbole or whatever, but I don’t think Mexico will pay for the wall.”

“It could be just campaign words, you know.”

It’s too bad that “campaign words” (lies) were the basis on which people voted for Trump and Republicans. But then, I guess that was the whole point.

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