Saturday Night Live Takes On ‘The Mooch’ And It Was Hilarious! -VIDEO

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update Summer Edition debuted on Thursday night. Bill Hader returned to play Anthony Scaramucci. And he was brilliant!

Admit it. When you heard Anthony Scaramucci’s insane profanity-laced interview with the New Yorker last month, you immediately thought about what Saturday Night Live could do with this one. But unfortunately for all of us, SNL is off for summer break.

But fret not. The TV comedy Gods gave us a big gift on Thursday night with the debut of Weekend Update Summer Edition. And it was hilarious.

Michael Che and Colin Jost took on some of the insane news from the past couple weeks. And you know they just couldn’t resist mocking the Mooch.

In the middle of the show Che was interrupted by a FaceTime call from the Mooch, played by SNL alum Bill Hader.

“Everybody loves the Mooch. I’m like human cocaine,” Hader’s Mooch said. “You got a little bump of me, I made you feel excited, but I was out of your system too quick, and now that I’m gone you’re all depressed and edgy and you’re trying to figure out how to score some more Scaramooch!”

Scaramucci insisted that he had “no regrets baby!” Then he said,

“All I did was sell my company, miss the birth of my child and ruin my entire reputation, all to be king of Idiot Mountain for 11 days.”

He even talked about his claim that Bannon sucks his own…well, you know.

Thursday’s show also featured SNL cast members Mikey Day and Alex Moffatt who brought back their hilarious roles as Trump’s idiot sons.

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