Scott Baio Suggested Charlottesville Murder Was A Hoax, Then His Wife Did Something Even Worse

Trump-lover Scott Baio just did something disgusting. And then his hateful wife said here, hold my beer.

Scott Baio is a huge supporter of Donald Trump. He’s also a huge asshole. And so is his wife. You know what they say about birds of a feather.

On Thursday, Chachi tweeted out a picture suggesting that the mother of one of the Sandy Hook victims and Heather Heyer’s mom were the same person. The ridiculous picture implies that both the Sandy Hook shooting and the Charlottesville murder were hoaxes.

As you can imagine Baio got a lot of heat for the tweet. He finally ended up deleting it. But not before his 218,000 followers saw this.

Thursday night he finally tweeted out an apology.

Jillian Soto, the sister of slain Sandy Hook teacher Vicki Soto, was understandably upset by Baio’s idiotic tweet. She told the Daily Mail,

“I can’t accept an apology from someone who spews hate. Whether he believes it or not, just sharing it has an impact. His apology is not real. He personally chose to share this, then he chose to block my family when we tried to defend ourselves. That doesn’t feel like a sincere apology.”

“To be honest, it’s heartbreaking,” she said Friday. “My family has been attacked over and over. What people don’t understand is that no matter what they believe, every time this comes up, it rips my family apart to see my mom being attacked yet again.”

What Baio did was awful. But then his wife, Renee Baio, opened her mouth and made things much much worse.

After reading an angry message to her husband from a parent who lost their child at Sandy Hook, Renee responded by telling Nelba Marquez-Greene that maybe her child was better off dead. Seriously.

Marquez-Greene lost her daughter in the mass shooting, but her son survived the attack.

The hateful Mrs. Baio eventually deleted the tweet and then locked her Twitter account down making it private.


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