Watch This Amazing Emotional Speech By Virginia Governor Following Charlottesville Violence -VIDEO

Terry McAuliffe gave an incredible speech on Sunday following the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville. This is the speech Trump should’ve given.

On Sunday, Virginia’s Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe gave a fiery defiant speech at Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church in Charlottesville. And for a city that’s still reeling after the violent Nazi rally that resulted in three deaths on Saturday, McAuliffe’s speech was just what the doctor ordered.

In no uncertain terms, the Virginia Governor condemned the white supremacists by name. And he promised that Virginia would stand united with the African American community against hate and bigotry.

Speaking directly to the racists who attended Saturday’s “Unite the Right” rally, McAuliffe said:

“I’ll tell you this: You only made us stronger. You go home. You stay out of here! Because we are a commonwealth that stays together.”

Then to the congregation he said,

“What I’m asking you today to do is put the anger aside, as I did when I got up this morning. Put it aside. Let us use hope. Let us use today to reach out to our fellow citizens. Let us show these people we are bigger them. We are stronger than them.”

McAuliffe’s speech was a far cry from what we heard from the President. Trump chose instead to divide this country further by calling out “many sides,” as if there was some kind of moral equivalency between the vile racists and the counter-protesters.

In McAuliffe’s speech on Sunday, the Governor asked for a moment of silence to honor the three people who he said “lost their lives yesterday doing what they love: fighting for freedom.”

He also pointed out that the hateful political rhetoric going on in this country right now is partially responsible for fueling hate groups like the white nationalists. It’s just pathetic that the President of the United States himself is one of the people who routinely spews that hateful rhetoric.

“It is about politics in that political rhetoric in this country today is breeding bigotry,” he said. “We need to call it out for what it is. For the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who came to our beautiful state yesterday, there is no place for you here.”

Then McAuliffe warned,

“This won’t be the last time this happens. This isn’t the only city it’s going to happen to. Let us come together. Let us work as one.”

Governor McAuliffe gave an emotional and healing speech on Sunday after the horrific events of the weekend. He showed us what real leadership looks like. It’s just unfortunate that the President wasn’t up to the task. Trump has proven once again that he is no leader.

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