Florida Nursing Home Residents Died Because Governor Rick Scott Ignored Their Desperate Calls For Help

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has a lot to answer for after ignoring three desperate calls for help to his cell phone from a nursing home 36 hours before the first tragic death at their facility.

After hurricane Irma hit Florida last week, The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills nursing home found themselves in a dangerous situation. A tree had fallen onto a transformer that powered their air conditioning system. So they spent three difficult days scrambling trying to keep their residents cool and hydrated.

But, by Wednesday, eight of the nursing home’s residents were dead. An investigation is now underway, but it is likely that the causes of death were heat-related.

When Donald Trump travelled to Florida after the storm he praised Governor Rick Scott – even encouraging him to run for Senate. But it turns out that Scott may be at least partially responsible for the eight deaths at the Hollywood nursing home.

Scott gave out a special cell phone number to healthcare officials and told them to use it if they had any problems. He promised them he would be there to help them. But when The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills called, desperate for help, Scott never answered the phone.

In fact, the nursing home made three separate calls to the Governor a full 36 hours before the first tragic and needless death. Scott ignored all three calls.

There’s no excuse for these deaths. More should’ve been done to help these seniors. The nursing home certainly has a lot to answer for here. But so does Rick Scott.

Jim DeFede is an investigative reporter at CBS4 News in Miami. Here’s what he reported:

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