Fox & Friends: Beware Of Schools With Liberal Bias Who Want To Feed Kids -VIDEO

This is disturbing. These are actually the beliefs of people who watch Fox & Friends, Trump included.

On Friday morning, Trump’s favorite morning show aired a disturbing back-to-school segment. Julie Gunlock, who is a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, appeared on Fox & Friends to warn parents about the evil liberal bias in their children’s schools.

The conservative mother took issue with things like schools feeding kids meals during the day and offering after-school care.

Gunlock told the Fox hosts,

“More and more now these schools, elementary schools are taking on and supplanting parents. They get dropped off at 6:30 in the morning, they get three meals a day. There is after-care. There is even health care services at some schools. So, really schools have tried more and more to take on the role of parenting.”

Apparently, Mrs. Gunlock has never had to worry about leaving her kids somewhere safe before and after school while she’s at work. And I guess her kids have never had to go without food at home. And maybe she can actually afford to take her kids to the doctor when they get sick. But all families are not so fortunate.

That’s the thing with many conservatives, though. They seem to live by a motto of, “I’ve got mine. Screw you.”

Gunlock went on to say that the liberal bias was also taking over the curriculum. She complained that schools were actually teaching about transgender issues and climate change. Oh the horrors!

“Now we’re seeing it in political issues,” Gunlock said. “They’re telling children, ‘This is how you should think about certain issues,’ ‘This is how you should believe’… this is the ‘correct’ way to think on these issues. It’s very disturbing and parental rights are absolutely left out of the picture.”

And this woman is not the only one spewing this nonsense. There are millions and millions of conservatives across this country who agree with her sentiments. They really do have a problem with schools teaching kids that it’s wrong to hate and discriminate. They really do have a problem with schools teaching scientific facts.

It’s disturbing. And right now this mindset is running our country.

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