Lawrence O’Donnell Has Epic Profanity-Filled Meltdown During Commercial Break -VIDEO

It’s OK, Lawrence. Talking about Donald Trump puts me in a bad mood too. It probably wasn’t the best idea to take it out on your staff, who could then leak this hilarious tape. But I feel you, dude.

Did you ever just have one of those nights? A night when you’re already pissed off because of some stupid thing Trump or the Republicans just did, and then everyone around you decides to test your very last nerve? Now imagine having that night in front of TV cameras.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell knows what I mean. He had one of those nights on August 29 while he was trying to film his show The Last Word. Apparently he was having some technical difficulties while they were filming. And he absolutely lost his shit during the breaks.

O’Donnell’s meltdown never aired. But on Wednesday someone leaked this eight-minute-long compilation of his tirades to Mediate. And it’s hilarious.

O’Donnell was clearly frustrated with his staff. And the fact that one of them likely leaked the tape shows that clearly the show has some issues going on. But it’s the actual frustration that I can relate to. I have felt that exact same way so many times since Trump got elected. And I, too, have been throwing out streams of F-bombs. I’m just glad that no one near me has been doing any goddamn hammering.

On Wednesday night Lawrence apologized for the outbursts on Twitter.

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