Top Congressional Latino Group Just Gave Trump A Huge Middle Finger

This congressional group, made up of both Republicans and Democrats, is breaking a 40-year tradition because of their disdain for Trump.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) is a highly respected nonpartisan congressional group that is considered one of the top institutions for the development of young Latino leaders. And this week they are breaking a 40-year tradition by refusing to allow Donald Trump to attend their annual convention in D.C.

This will be the first time that a sitting president will not be invited to the convention. Since Jimmy Carter in 1979 every president except George H.W. Bush has attended the annual CHCI event at least once.

On Tuesday the group’s chair, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX), told the Associated Press,

“The president was not invited this year based on his slanderous comments and strongly disagreeable actions for the Latino community in the United States.”

Trump already had a major problem with Latinos because of the way he began his campaign when he called Mexican immigrants¬†“rapists” and “criminals.” Then he attacked a federal judge because of his Mexican heritage.

And if any Latinos were holding out hope that maybe things would get better once Trump took office, those hopes were killed when he cruelly ended DACA and pardoned racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The annual CHCI convention taking place this week will kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins Friday and goes until October 15.

On Tuesday, the White House did not respond to questions about how Trump felt about the group’s snubbing. They also refused to answer whether or not Trump will sign the official proclamation required by Congress to recognize the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month this year.

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