After Months Of Denial, These Trump Voters Finally Admit That They Regret Their Vote -VIDEO

Trump voters are finally starting to see the light. This group now says that they regret voting for him. “WHAT have we done?”

Since the election, the media has done many of these focus groups with Trump voters. And for months, we’ve been listening to them defend Trump – or at least defend their vote for him. But, after nearly a year of denial, some of them are finally starting to see the light.

This week, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota sat down with a group of five Trump voters. And most of them had turned on Trump. Three out of the five told Camerota that they now seriously regretted their vote.

Interestingly, all three of the men on the panel were upset with Trump. While both women said they still supported him.

One of the men said he was upset about Trump’s cabinet picks. He was a high school teacher, and he took particular offense to Education Secretary Betsy Devos.

Another man said that he started losing faith in Trump the day after the Inauguration when Trump lied and carried on about his crowd size. He said that he didn’t vote for Trump so that he could obsess over petty things. “I felt he was different,” he said. “I thought he could make a change [from] what we’ve been used to for all these years. But I’m just not impressed.”

None of the five were happy about Trump’s attacks on the NFL players. They all said they believed that the players had the right to kneel during the anthem and that Trump was only causing division with his tweets.

Two of the men were particularly upset that Trump called the black athletes “sons of bitches,”¬†after he refused to say a bad word about the white supremacists in Charlottesville.

One of them said,

“What I had concerns about was why in the world, and I live a couple of hours from Charlottesville, Virginia, he couldn’t call those individuals, the neo-Nazis, the white supremacists, why couldn’t he call them ‘sons of a bitches?'”

Camerota asked, “And why couldn’t he?”

“That’s a huge concern of mine,” the man responded. “Meaning what is really going on in that man’s mind??”

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