An Irate Puerto Rican-American Congresswoman Unloads On Ben Carson Over Trump Tweets -VIDEO

Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez is furious over Trump’s response to the Puerto Rico crisis. And, since she couldn’t blast Trump to his face on Thursday, she took it out on Ben Carson.

On Thursday Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) absolutely unleashed on Donald Trump over his threats to pull out of Puerto Rico’s disaster relief. She described Trump’s words as “unpresidential,” “shameful,” and “an insult.”

Velazquez’s outrage came after Trump’s Thursday morning tweets.

So Vasquez took the opportunity Thursday in a House Financial Services committee hearing to voice her outrage. And, since Trump wasn’t there to hear her, she took it out on HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

Shaking with anger, the enraged Congresswoman said,

“I’m the only member who is a Puerto Rican-American citizen who sits in this committee, so since I don’t have President Trump in front of me, I just would like for you to let him know how shameful all the tweets that he put out this morning, how offended and insulted I am as an American citizen. And I would like to suggest that the president get some history lessons regarding the Puerto Ricans relationship with the United States.”

She continued,

“Those tweets are unpresidential. The most basic, fundamental responsibility of the president of the United States — the president of the most powerful country in the world — is to show up, and to provide the assistance and the relief that American citizens need. They don’t need this type of insult.”

“By the way, why is it he doesn’t put the same tweets when it comes to Texas or Florida?”

Then she added,

“You invaded Puerto Rico. The United States of America invaded Puerto Rico. My uncle participated in the Korean War. We shed blood to defend the freedoms that every American in this country enjoys. So to kick fellow citizens when they are down is shameful.”

By most accounts, the disaster response in Puerto Rico by this administration has been lacking. The official death count is now 45. But reports are now coming out showing that the real death count is closer to 500.

80% of the island is still without power. And more than half of the American citizens living there are struggling every day just to find clean water and food.

On Thursday, Velazquez and Mississippi Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson, the ranking member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security demanding that they investigate the true death count and the government’s role in calculating and reporting that number.

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