Sporting News Calls Out Mike Pence Big Time!

Mike Pence and his puppet master, Donald Trump, staged a big stunt on Sunday at an NFL game. And the sports world saw right through it.

On Sunday, Mike Pence and Donald Trump staged a big stunt at the Colts game. Little Mikey and his “mother” flew to Indiana just so they could walk into an NFL game, clutch their pearls and have a bout of the vapors over players kneeling during the anthem, and then storm back out in a huff.

His people told reporters ahead of time to stay in the car because Pence wouldn’t be staying at the game. And then, as if he didn’t look stupid enough already, Trump tweets out that the whole thing was planned and it was his idea.

By Sunday evening, the sports world was responding to Pence’s little stunt. And they weren’t impressed.

Alex Marvez at Sporting News reported, “I don’t think it’s too much to assume this was a well-planned publicity stunt.”

Marvez said,

“While I’m not expecting Pence to keep close track of NFL happenings — heck, I hope his focus is on more pressing matters pertaining to our country’s prosperity and security — it’s no secret that the Colts were playing the team that began the anthem protests in 2016. Colin Kaepernick may be gone, but the kneeling among 49ers players has continued in hopes of promoting racial equality and protesting social injustices.”

“This made Sunday a perfect time for Pence to grandstand. The detailed statement he sent on Twitter so quickly after splitting provides a strong indicator this wasn’t an impromptu action.”

He continued,

“Ironically, Pence’s antics run counter to his message of “unity.” They instead continue to drive the wedge Trump — and, by extension, Pence — used to fuel his 2016 election with attacks on Kaepernick. The duo’s desire to fortify its political base amid dwindling public support has made the NFL — a vulnerable entity in its own right with a sizeable conservative fan base dismayed by the anthem’s politicizing — a convenient target once again.”

“And before labeling me a member of the “liberal media” for this opinion, I’m a registered Republican. I don’t like kneeling during the anthem.”

The sports writer added,

“But I also recognize Pence’s real motivation for doing what he did: buttressing Trump’s plea that fans walk out of NFL games and stop watching the product in response to the anthem flap that had largely died down until rekindling from the president.”

“Funny thing about all this, too: Pence’s act came at taxpayer expense and inconvenience to Colts fans because of the extra security measures required for him to attend a game he never planned on attending from start to finish. Pence basically made Lucas Oil Field into his own personal Mar-a-Lago.”

“By going away in the fashion he did, Pence showed why he was really there — it was not to celebrate a far more beloved Indiana icon.”

At a minimum, this little stunt cost taxpayers a quarter of a million dollars. And meanwhile, not a single word from Trump or Pence about white supremacists marching with tiki torches again in Charlottesville Saturday night. But then again, I guess racists and bigots don’t really speak out against their own too often.

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