Joy Reid Shoves Facts Down Conservative’s Throat After She Tries To Peddle Fake Uranium Story -VIDEO

This conservative just found out the hard way that Joy Reid don’t play.

On Sunday, MSNBC’s Joy Reid gave a schooling to a conservative who tried to push lies about Hillary Clinton and the Uranium One deal. This is one of the best take-downs I’ve seen in a long time. Journalists everywhere should take notes. This is how you deal with right-wing liars.

Last week, Trump surrogates and Republicans tried to recycle an old debunked story about Hillary. They are in a panic because the walls are starting to close in on Trump and his administration regarding the Russia investigation. So they’re doing their best to distract and deflect with old worn out attacks on Hillary.

Unfortunately, a lot of the media fell for this ruse last week. But at least one journalist did her homework and was ready to respond when a conservative guest on her show started with the lies. Joy Reid shut her down immediately.

“Who got the money when the Canadian company was sold to the Russian company in Uranium One?” Reid asked the woman.

“Ummm….I presume the company,” her guest responded.

Still on the attack Reid replied, “MmHmm, yep. Second question: Who approved the sale? Because when any sort of uranium or any company sells these sort of sensitive type products…and by the way the uranium that’s mined in these mines is for nuclear power, it’s not for nuclear bombs, right? But when that happens there’s an organization called CFIUS that approves it. Do you know what CFIUS stands for?”

“Yes,” her guest responded. “Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.”

Then Joy immediately asked, “How many people sit on that committee?”

“Nine members,” the woman answered.

“How many have to approve a deal like this?” Joy asked.

“Ummm, all nine of them,” the conservative admitted.

Joy shot back, “All nine of them. And how many approved this deal?”

The woman answered, “Umm, nine of them.”

Then Joy asked, “Did Hillary Clinton sit personally on that deal?”

“No but she pushed for it,” the woman started to say before being quickly cut off by Reid.

“No she did not. She did not. Who is the person who donated to Hillary Clinton who is related to and had an investment in Uranium One? What is that person’s name? Do you remember their name?”

The woman answered, “Umm, they are board members of Uranium One, [they] donated up to $143 million to the Clinton Foundation.”

Then Joy asked, “And did he own any assets in Uranium One at the time that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State?”

“You know I do not know that but,” the woman admitted before Reid cut her off again.

Then Joy went in for the kill.

“No he did not. He sold them years before. So what you’re talking about is a deal that nine members of CFIUS approved unanimously. None of them was Hillary Clinton. You have a donor who separately gave Hillary Clinton a donation at a time when she was not Secretary of State. The two things cross in the night. They have no relation to each other. The members of CFIUS have been very clear that Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with approving that deal. She would’ve had to strong-arm eight other people in order to get them to unanimously approve the deal. And ultimately the President of the United States would intervene if they saw any problem.” 

Reid continued, “The CFIUS people say now if that deal came before them today, they would still approve it unanimously. There’s actually nothing about the deal that’s controversial. The only reason we’re talking about it is because per your admission, which I think is very honest, the RNC would like us to be talking about this now.”

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