Actress Has Powerful Words For Anyone Feeling Hopeless Because Of Trump -VIDEO

If you’ve been feeling hopeless since Trump won the election last year, you have to watch this. Actress Jenifer Lewis speaks the words we all need to hear right now.

The Trump presidency has been a nightmare. I knew that he would be bad; I knew he’d be really bad. But he’s been even worse than I imagined. And, with the amount of sheer bullshit that we now have to deal with on a daily basis, it’s hard not to lose hope.

But we have to stay strong. We have to help keep each other stay strong. And actress Jenifer Lewis just spoke the words that we could all use to hear right now.

Lewis said,

“If you don’t have hope because Donald Trump is president, find hope. You don’t get to sit down and wait four years until he’s gone because everything is fucked up. You fight! Make a difference, get a kid to mentor, do something to resist that.”

Lewis, who has had her own personal battles with bipolar disorder continued,

“You don’t get to hate him. I don’t hate him. I feel sorry for him. Because like I said, I know what mental illness is.”

“He won’t get help. Because on top of his mental illness, he’s a sociopath. They don’t have feelings. They just ch-ch-ch-ch. They don’t give a fuck who’s in the way. Just get the fuck out of the way. You saw how he pushed that other leader.”

She’s right about not hating him. Hating him tends to hurt us more than it does him. But I must admit that I’m not quite to the point of just feeling sorry for him yet. I can’t lie. I do hate him.

Lewis went on to say,

“It’s madness that he represents the world, he’s not just fucking up America, it’s the world. And they’re looking at us like we’re fucking insane.”

“And God bless the people who voted for him. That’s what this is, a democracy. They lived with Obama. We’ve got to live with Trump.”

Yes, we are a democracy. And we have to live with the fact that many on our side didn’t bother to vote, or voted third-party, leading to this nightmare we find ourselves in now. We have to live with Trump – for now. But living with it means fighting. It means resisting like we’ve never done before in our lives.

What we don’t have the luxury of doing is giving up. Feeling sorry for ourselves is not going to help anything. So Jenifer Lewis is absolutely correct. If you’ve lost hope, it’s time to find it again. We will get through this. We’ll get through it together.

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