Anderson Cooper Destroys Alabama Republican Trying To Defend Roy Moore -VIDEO

I don’t know how this guy shows his face in public again after this humiliating interview.

On Friday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper opened his show with an interview with an Alabama state congressman named Ed Henry. And it was a doozy.

Anderson had him on the show because Henry made some outrageous statements to local Alabama newspapers in defense of Roy Moore Friday. Henry was taking a lot of heat on social media because of his statements, so Anderson invited the Congressman on to defend himself.

To one of the papers Henry said,

“If they believe this man is predatory, they are guilty of allowing him to exist for 40 years. I think someone should prosecute and go after them. You can’t be a victim 40 years later, in my opinion.”

After first defending his statements to the papers, Henry then backtracked and said his words were being taken out of context by the Liberal media.

Anderson nailed him for trying to blame child victims of sexual abuse. And Henry became flustered and agitated before having to eat back some of his own words.

“So you’re not saying any of these women should be prosecuted because they remained silent and you’re not saying that they are accomplices?” Cooper pressed.

Henry answered, “No. That is not the context of the conversation.”

Henry went on to tell Anderson that the real victim in this story is Roy Moore. And he called the women in the Washington Post article liars.

If this guy is representative of the Republican party in Alabama, they’ve got a whole lot more problems than just Roy Moore.

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