Democratic Congressman Makes Tucker Carlson Look Like A Complete Fool On His Own Show -VIDEO

Watch this clip to the end. This is what Tucker Carlson does when he gets confronted with the truth. And it ain’t pretty. But it is kinda fun to see him come unglued because he just got owned.

I can understand why not many Democrats want to go on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox. To say that he’s an obnoxious jackass would be a serious understatement. For the few Dems who do venture into the crazy den, they have to be prepared for plenty of Tucker’s lies and rudeness. And, because it’s his show, it generally doesn’t go well for the Democrats.

But on Thursday night, Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) went toe to toe with Tucker in a heated exchange; and he ended up making the Fox News host look like a buffoon.

Tucker tried to make the entire segment all about the debunked Uranium One scandal. And he tried to make the congressman follow him down a rabbit hole, chasing Hillary Clinton instead of focusing on the Mueller investigation into collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

But Maloney basically deflated his whole big argument by simply saying, “Yes, we should look into that.”

After a couple minutes of Tucker trying to steer the conversation onto Democratic scandals, Maloney brought the subject back to the Russia investigation.

“How about we also talk about the indictments that got handed down this week involving the President’s campaign manager and his foreign policy adviser? Can we do that too? I mean I know we filled the week of air time on this show with-“

Carslon cut him off laughing, “Foreign policy adviser! That’s hilarious!”

Maloney responded, “Well that’s how he described him to the Washington Post. So I got that from the President who said that.”

“I think that the Manafor[t] thing, in case you’re asking my opinion, is a serious thing. He was chairman of the President’s campaign,” Tucker said. “That’s totally fair. The Papadopoulos kid? You’re not at gun point gonna get me to take that seriously. That’s ridiculous. This kid was in no sense a foreign policy adviser. They couldn’t get real foreign policy advisers. So they hauled a 29-year-old who’d been in a model UN in there to pretend to be one. And now he turns out to be an idiot. That’s bad judgement I guess, putting him on the adviser list but you can’t convince me that’s a real thing cuz it’s not.”

Maloney answered, “Well I’d be careful about that. Because if you hang your hat on how senior he was. you might ant to consider for just a moment that the same actions he was engaged in and lied about to federal agents is [are} very similar to the actions that were engaged in by now under indictment Paul Manafort, Donald Trump Jr., and Jared Kushner when they met with Russian lawyers for the same purpose which was to access-“

At that point Carlson interrupted him again saying this was idiotic.

“What is idiotic?” Maloney replied. “It is not in dispute that the President’s son and his son-in-law and Manafort, and we know about Manafort now, met with Russian lawyers who were there expressly to bring dirt on Hillary Clinton.”

When confronted with the absolute truth Tucker came unglued. He started just talking over Maloney and not letting him complete his sentences. And then he just cut him off altogether. The way he ended the segment was just priceless. It was the perfect example of what Carlson does when he gets owned. It was ugly to watch. I guess the truth hurts.

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