Democratic Fox Guest Leaves In Disgust After Host Rejects Basic Math -VIDEO

“I’m never coming on this show again.”

We need more of this Dems….much, much more of this.

A Fox News segment ended in a disaster on Wednesday when a show’s host refused to accept basic mathematic facts.

Show host Melissa Francis had two guests on her show Wednesday morning to discuss the Republicans’ new tax plan, a Republican and a moderate Dem. I’ll give her some credit for actually having a Democrat on her show, but the way she treated him was disgraceful and, frankly, obnoxious.

Simon Rosenberg is the founder of the center-left think tank New Policy Institute, and he has been a guest on Francis’ show before. So he already knew about her tactics. But it seemed that on Wednesday he finally just had enough of her bullshit.

During the discussion, Rosenberg pointed out that over time many middle-class families will actually pay more in taxes under the Republican tax plan, referring to the New York Times analysis showing that 45% of middle-class taxpayers will pay more by 2026 under the plan.

“Over time, a majority of middle-class people will be paying more in taxes rather than less,” the Democrat said.

“No, no, I don’t accept that math,” Francis replied. “It’s static analysis, and I don’t accept static analysis. I only agree with dynamic analysis, because when you cut, the economy’s going to grow.”

This idiot Fox News host may not like static analysis, but it’s the method that the Congressional Budget Office uses to analyze the effects of economic policies.

She, like many Conservatives, prefers to use dynamic analysis because she thinks that any analysis of tax cuts must account for some imagined explosive growth in economic activity that the cuts will automatically produce. Even though the facts and data do not prove that theory.

At the end of the segment, between Francis’ rudeness and her rejection of basic mathematics, Rosenberg finally had enough.

“I’m not coming back on this show ever again,” he said in disgust as he took off his mic.

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