Despite Trump’s Sabotage Early Obamacare Sign-Ups Break Record

Finally some good news!

Despite the best efforts of Trump and the Republicans to kill Obamacare, more Americans are signing up than ever before.

The Hill reported on Monday that, in the first few days of open enrollment this year, a record number of people signed up for the ACA compared to the same period in previous years.

“On the first day of enrollment alone, Nov. 1, one source close to the process told The Hill that more than 200,000 people selected a plan for 2018, compared with about 100,000 last year. More than 1 million people visited that day, compared to about 750,000 last year, the source said.”

CNBC is reporting that enrollment activity on Covered California, which is the country’s largest state-run health exchange, was 25% higher this year than it was last year. And Maryland’s exchange was 70% higher this year on opening day.

Lori Lodes, who was the communications director at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services during the Obama administration, said,

“The great start to open enrollment proves just how much people value health coverage and that people are finding coverage they can afford. Imagine how many more people would be signing up if the administration stopped their efforts to undermine the law and actually got the word out about open enrollment.” But she added, “There’s only five weeks to go before the final deadline of Dec. 15 so we’ve got a lot of work to do to enroll even more people.”

This early news is great. But it’s too soon to tell how much damage Trump and the Republicans will end up doing to the final enrollment numbers. The enrollment period this year ends on December 15, making it only half as long as normal. Trump has also slashed the Obamacare advertising budget by 90%. And he’s cut the in-person enrollment budget by over 40%.

“Standard & Poor’s forecasted last week that enrollment could drop by as much as 1.6 million people below last year’s level of 12.2 million sign-ups, in part due to uncertainty from the administration’s actions.”

The Republicans are trying their best to kill Obamacare. But so far Obamacare is winning.

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