Don Lemon Destroys Trump After His Racist Insult Of Elizabeth Warren -VIDEO

“Just because you say you’re not racist doesn’t make it so.”

CNN’s Don Lemon has had it with Trump’s blatant racism and lying. And, on Monday night, he came out swinging with an epic take-down.

During an Oval Office ceremony meant to honor Native American veterans on Monday, Donald Trump proved yet again that he is unfit for the office when he threw out a racial slur, calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.”

Lemon said that Trump’s comment was “met with stunned silence … because everyone in that room knew it was a racist slur directed at Sen. Elizabeth Warren.”

The CNN anchor pointed out that Native Americans have repeatedly asked Trump to stop using the offensive slur. Then he showed a series of clips showing Trump insulting people in other ethnic groups including African Americans, Mexicans, and even President Obama with his birther nonsense.

Lemon didn’t beat around the bush. He made a solid case that Trump is a racist.

“Just because you say you’re not racist doesn’t make it so,” Lemon said. “Especially if you say, do and defend racist behavior over and over and over again. Especially if you have lost your credibility by telling countless lies, big and small.”

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