Furious House Democrat Destroys GOP Tax Scam In Epic Rant -VIDEO

“This is outrageous!”

Trump and the Republicans are desperate to get a legislative win. They’ve been in complete control of the government since January. And, so far, they have zero to show for it. So now they are going all out to push through their sham of a tax plan.

But they are getting plenty of push-back from the Democrats.

On Wednesday morning, Democratic Congressman John Larson from Connecticut was furious when he spoke on the GOP tax bill in a meeting of the House Ways and Means Committee.

“You talk about taxing success,” he said. “All of our working professionals, whether you’re a machinist or a teacher, and in the case of the teacher, if they reach into their pocket to pay for their students, you get rid of that deduction as well so you can give it to somebody who has already gotten an $11 million deduction on the estate tax.”

With a beet-red face Larson shouted, “This is outrageous!”

Furious, he pointed directly at his Republican colleagues,

“It’s been stated over and over again that they need a political win. You know who needs a win? The American people need a win! They need to see us acting in regular order, responsibly.”

Larson continued,

“Mr. Neal pointed out in his opening remarks, in the Tax Reform Act of 1986, 30 hearings were conducted in this committee, 12 in the subcommittee, 450 expert testimonies. We have none. NONE! No one was allowed to come forward.”

He added,

“As Mr. Doggett pointed out, no one from the administration will even sit in front of us. We’re the oldest committee in Congress, many would argue the most prestigious. And members of this side of the aisle aren’t even entitled to bring an expert witness on any aspect of the tax code that affects 100% of our economy. 100% of the economy is impacted. And people in my state, in the middle class, are going to get a tax increase, a tax INCREASE, thanks to the myriad of things that you’ve decided behind closed doors that they, because they make itemized deductions, will no longer have.”

Larson went on to say,

“They’ll no longer have the state and local tax deduction. $4,000 eliminated from the personal exemption. Medicaid expenses, no longer. It eliminates deductions for student loans and adoption and teacher education for the classroom and employer-provided education assistance. Why? Because they’ve made a decision behind closed doors, not with any experts or testimony. But they’ve made the decision that this is the way it’s going to be.”

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