Great New Doug Jones Ad Features Disgusted Republicans, ‘I Just Can’t Vote For Roy Moore’ -VIDEO

“Don’t decency and integrity matter anymore?”

Alabama Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones has a smart new campaign ad out aimed directly at conservative Roy Moore voters. The ad features Republicans who are disgusted with Moore following the recent news that he molested teen girls.

The Republicans in Jones’ new 30-second spot reflect the mood of many Americans. They’re fed up. “I’m a lifelong Republican, but I just can’t do it,” one man says. A woman points out, “He’s already been removed from office twice.” And another woman says, “Don’t decency and integrity matter anymore?”

It’s hard to believe, but even after five different women have now come forward with sexual misconduct accusations against Moore that occurred in their teens, there is still a very good chance that Moore will win this Alabama Senate seat. But a Moore win is far from certain.

The pressure is continuing to mount every day. And now more than 20 Republican Senators have called for Moore to drop out, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

It’s a smart move by the Doug Jones campaign to go directly after those Roy Moore voters. The ad is titled, “Common ground.” And if he can find common ground with them, even if it’s just their condemnation of Roy Moore, he has a good shot of swaying their vote.

Don’t count Jones out. He’s more and more in this every day. And ads like this are moving in the right direction.

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