Jimmy Kimmel Asks People If Hillary Should Be Impeached, Their Answers Are Unbelievable -VIDEO

When do you think we should break it to them that Hillary’s not the President?

A lot of people in this country are stupid. And now that they have Donald Trump, who celebrates and honors stupidity daily, they have a hero. But Trump has also given them something else. He’s given them a permanent villain to irrationally hate…Hillary Clinton.

It’s remarkable really. For Trump fans, he can do no wrong. Considering all of the things Trump has said and done since taking office, it’s amazing that so many people still defend him. But they do. He’s been able to convince these people that everything that’s gone wrong and everything that he’s been accused of doing is all actually Hillary’s fault.

So now these people blame Trump’s disastrous presidency on Hillary. And they’re so mad that they want HER impeached.

You have to laugh at these people. I mean, seriously, this has gotten so absurd that it’s downright funny.

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel sent a reporter to the streets to ask people if Hillary should be impeached. You would think these people would laugh at the question. But no. They really think she needs to be removed from the presidency….the presidency that she doesn’t hold.

Kimmel said,

“Donald Trump would lock Hillary Clinton up for the murder on the Orient Express right now. His supporters are so passionate about hating Hillary Clinton, it seems sometimes like maybe they forgot that she’s not the president…he is.”

Now watch these street interviews. They’re hilarious.

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