Great News! Democrats Are Challenging Nearly Every Single Seat In Congress in 2018

Finally! The Dems are fighting back!

The only good thing Donald Trump has done since taking office is that he’s totally energizing the Democratic base. Next year Democrats will challenge nearly every seat in the House. They know now that if they can flip a ruby-red Senate seat in Alabama they can flip red seats everywhere.

In recent election cycles the Dems haven’t even tried to compete in solid red districts. Thanks to gerrymandering Republicans have been winning all over the country without ever facing a Democratic challenger. But next year that all changes.

Dems are not only going after vulnerable Republicans in districts that Hillary Clinton won in 2016. They are also targeting Republicans in normally safe red districts.

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) is a good example. In 2016 he won re-election unopposed by a Democratic challenger. He now faces at least 10 Dem challengers for 2018.

Federal Elections Commission filings show that Democrats are going after all but 20 House seats. To put that into some perspective, Democrats in 80 different districts will face no Republican challenger next year.

And don’t be fooled when Republicans boast that they are beating the Dems in fundraising. The RNC may be raising more than the DNC right now. But a flood of money is coming in directly to the Dem candidates. In the two elections in ruby-red Georgia and Alabama this year, the long-shot Democratic candidates raised over $40 million. Amazing.

A recent Associated Press poll said that only 3 out of 10 Americans now believe that the country is headed in the right direction. 52% of Americans say they believe the country is worse off since Trump was elected.

And the enthusiasm gap is growing too.

49% of registered Democrats in a new CNN poll say they are extremely or very enthusiastic about voting in 2018. Only 32% of Republicans say the same.

Dems will get a head start on the 2018 blue wave in March in a special election in western Pennsylvania. The longtime Republican Congressman Tim Murphy will be replaced. Murphy is the anti-abortion extremist who reportedly asked his mistress to get an abortion. This Pennsylvania seat has been safely Republican for a long time. But the Dems have a real shot of flipping it.

So buckle up lefties. Things are about to get really fun.


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