Panel Of Trump Voters Discuss Roy Moore Loss And Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump -VIDEO

Some parts of this interview are encouraging. But overall it is extremely disturbing.

On Thursday CNN’s Alisyn Camerota spoke with a group of six Trump voters about Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama. And the conversation quickly turned to Donald Trump and the sexual assault allegations against him.

Three of the six people on the panel were from Alabama. And all three of them were thrilled that Moore lost. But only one of them, one woman, said that she believed the women who accused Moore of sexual misconduct.

When Alisyn asked the three Alabamians why they didn’t vote for Moore they said because he was a radical, because he was a racist, and because he was using God to promote his hatred. Only the woman said that Moore’s accusers played into her decision.

One of the men said he thought that Moore’s accusers were all liars. He then said that Moore didn’t really do anything wrong to any of the teenagers anyway because he didn’t rape them.

When the conversation turned to Trump,¬†Alisyn asked all six panelists if they believed Trump’s accusers. Only three of the six said they believed the women.

One man said, “When it’s 15 people who come out against Donald Trump, you know, I think that they’re telling the truth. He just about admitted it didn’t he on TV? You know that he condoned such things.”

Another man disagreed. He said, “Them women just done it to make him look bad.”

When Alisyn asked him how he knew that, the man said, “It’s just hearsay. You could tell. You could just look at them girls and tell it was hearsay.”

One of the men who said he did believe Trump’s accusers said he believed them because Trump has denied it. “And Trump is a liar,” he said.

A lot of what was said in this interview was extremely disturbing. But it is encouraging that at least a couple of them are finally seeing the light with Donald Trump.

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