Right-Wing Radio Guy Posts Insane Conspiracy Theory, Liberals Respond Perfectly

This is freaking hilarious! This right-wing nut-job tweeted out an insane conspiracy theory about the Alabama election. And Liberals on Twitter responded with sheer brilliance!

Democrats had a great week this week. Donald Trump’s favorite pedophile lost a big election in Alabama to Democrat Doug Jones thanks, in large part, to African American women coming out in droves. And it’s driving the conservatives absolutely insane.

On Wednesday, right-wing talk radio host of YourVoice America, Bill Mitchell, tweeted out his explanation for the Republicans’ loss. Mitchell and his fellow wing-nuts seem to think that Roy Moore lost because black people were bussed into Alabama to illegally vote for Jones.

Mitchell said,

“I am hearing rumors that black voters from MS were encouraged to cross over into AL and vote. Anyone else hearing this? Anything to it? That might explain the 30% turnout higher than population percentage. Just reporting the rumor.”

It’s kind of funny how he threw this ridiculous conspiracy theory out there under the guise of reporting rumors. Trump supporters just ate it up. But the best thing about this tweet is it gave witty and hilarious Libs a chance to sarcastically point out how foolish and absurd these conservatives really are.

These responses are laugh out loud funny. God bless the Libs!

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