Federal Judge Panel Rules North Carolina’s New Redrawn Electoral Map Is Still Unconstitutional

Big news! The cheating Republicans are busted….again.

North Carolina was ordered to redraw district lines after the courts found that they were racially gerrymandering back in 2016. So they redrew the electoral map. But this time, instead of gerrymandering by race, they gerrymandered by partisan politics. Both were designed to keep the Republicans in power.

On Tuesday, a panel of three federal judges ruled that North Carolina must immediately redraw the map….again…because of unconstitutional gerrymandering, violating people’s right to choose their own representatives.

Local news WRAL reports,

“The court not only ordered the General Assembly to redraw districts over the next two weeks, it said it would appoint a special master to rework maps on a parallel track. With filing in congressional races slated to begin February 12, time is of the essence, the court said.”

Republicans say that they will appeal this decision. That means this case will be kicked up to the Supreme Court. The SCOTUS heard arguments on a similar case from Wisconsin in October. But so far they have not issued a ruling.

“In Tuesday’s decision, authored by 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge James Wynn, the court pointed to baldly partisan public statements from at least one GOP mapmaker who was intent on proving to the court that the legislative majority had set aside racial data in redrawing a pair of congressional districts the court previously declared unconstitutional because of a racial gerrymander.”

Rep. David Lewis is the Republican mapmaker the judge was talking about. During the 2016 redraw Lewis said that the new map was drawn to elect 10 Republicans and three Democrats “because I do not believe it’s possible to draw a map with 11 Republicans and two Democrats.”

“Rather than seeking to advance any democratic or constitutional interest, the state legislator responsible for drawing the 2016 Plan said he drew the map to advantage Republican candidates because he ‚Äúthink[s] electing Republicans is better than electing Democrats,” Wynn wrote. “But that is not a choice the Constitution allows legislative mapdrawers to make.”

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