Fox News’ Shep Smith Destroys Republicans Hyping The Devin Nunes Memo-VIDEO

Shep Smith better be careful. If he keeps telling the truth like this, state-run TV Fox is going to replace him with a Trump-loving leggy blonde.

Republicans are bending over backwards to defend Trump and discredit the Mueller investigation. Their latest efforts surround a garbage memo written by Trump lackey Devin Nunes. The Nunes memo reportedly claims that there is an anti-Trump bias in the FBI and DOJ, which led to illegal use of FISA warrants.

So far, the classified memo has not been released. Republicans are saying that it’s the Democrats who will not allow the American people to see this memo. But they won’t even let the FBI or Senate Republicans see it. The fact is that Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the White House. If they wanted to declassify and release the memo, they could do it now. But they haven’t done so.

That’s not stopping them however from going on Fox News to get their base worked into a frenzy over a document that nobody’s seen and a document that is not grounded in fact.

But there’s one Fox host who had the courage to call this memo what it is, bullshit.

On Thursday, Shep Smith did a segment destroying Nunes and the Republicans who have been hyping this memo.

Smith pointed out that Nunes already has credibility issues after he behaved like a Trump lap-dog last year. Smith says that the point of the memo was to “make the investigators look bad so that no matter what they find, ardent supporters of the president may disbelieve the findings. In short, an attack on our institutions.”

Shep continued,

“Some Republicans say that memo could provide grounds for shutting down special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. But they offer absolutely no facts.”

The Fox News host went on to say that the memo is an attack on one of our greatest institutions, the FBI. And he pointed out that there are no facts to back up this memo. He said the memo is “without contextual information and it’s classified, something that the president could declassify at any moment if he decided to do so. It’s part of an alternative narrative that seems to be playing itself out among the president’s supporters and the extreme right.”

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