While We Were All Hungover And Watching Football Look What These Amazing People Did On New Year’s Day

These people in Nova Scotia did something really amazing on New Year’s Day. 2018 is already off to a great start!

On New Year’s Day, Ron Yaschuk was walking his dog on a Nova Scotia beach when he saw something unusual in the distance. As he got closer he realized that it was a beached whale.

The 2,000-kilogram pilot whale was in bad shape but it was still alive. Yaschuk didn’t know how long the whale had been on the sand but he saw that it was still moving its tail and breathing through its blow-hole. So he quickly called 911. He then called his son who soon showed up with two of his friends.

Yaschuk said they began pouring water on the whale and cleared his head of sand. And on the advice of the coordinator for the Marine Animal Response Society, Andrew Reid, they also covered the whale with blankets.

BuzzFeed Canada reported,

“After a while, the whale opened its one visible eye, and Yaschuk tried to communicate with it in order to offer some kind of reassurance.

“What do you say? You’re talking to it, and just hoping that it’s going to make it, and not knowing for sure if it would,” he said.”

In the meantime, word of the beached whale was spreading on social media. And the response was amazing.

Yaschuk said that “people just started rolling in.”

“He estimated anywhere from 50 to 100 people were there on the front lines, with marine rescue workers directing the crowd. Another 100 or more were looking on eagerly from the sidelines.

Together, the crowd dug a trench to help give the whale an easier path back to the water. But the tide seemed to be working against them, moving farther away from the whale as they worked.”

They were eventually able to get the whale onto a large inflatable raft which allowed them to drag it back to the water.

Yaschuk said that the whole process took several hours. But he said that it was an incredible way to start 2018.

“This year is going to be an awesome year,” he said. What else can you put against this? It’s just amazing.”

An insane way to start off the New Year but by far pretty much one of the most heartbreaking and incredible experiences I’ve been lucky to have been a part of. Of course my phone died but was busy getting up close and personal with this guy who is a little down on his luck. Looking eye to eye with this creature while trying to tell him he’s going to be ok in a language he didn’t quite understand. Many healing hands, strong arms and helping hearts did everything from creating wind breakers by standing side by side with tarps to digging trenches to calling professional orgs to calling from their personal contacts ppl they knew with dry suits and wetsuits to lending shovels and buckets and hopeful breaths. More than a community effort it was a real human effort. Led by an organization called MARS who led the way we got this guy back in the water for now. If you do not think there is good in this world 🌎 look around you. This year join the fray. It started long ago and will long continue. #novascotia #halifax #pilotwhale #beachedwhale #beached #planetlovelife #nature #manyhands #love #suchislife #behuman #bekind #begood #beofservice #bestrong #bebetter #newyear #2018 #incredible #beachlife #rainbowhaven #minus25 #whoknew . . I hope he makes it. Pretty proud of HRM Fire for a very visible presence as well. @hrmfire @halifaxnoise @haligonia.ca #halifaxregionalfire

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Update: The whale is past all sandbars and reefs and is swimming out to sea. ❤️ From @loganyaschuk — This morning I got a call from my dad that I had to come and help him at the beach he had found a beached whale well he was walking the dog. When @the_briggsy and I got there the whale was still alive, shortly after @marineanimalresponsesociety showed up and organized the large group of people that had gathered to get the whale back in the water. I can’t express how proud I am that my Dad found this creature and started a rescue that would see it get back to safety. . . From @kattukexpeditions (almost 3 hours ago) — Help is still needed at Rainbow Haven beach to free a pilot whale. They have him to the sand bar but need people with winter wet suits and perhaps a boat to get past the sand bar. Photos by Richard James #rainbowhaven #whalerescue Help is still needed at Rainbow Haven beach to free a pilot whale. They have him to the sand bar but need people with winter wet suits and perhaps a boat to get past the sand bar. Photos by Richard James #rainbowhaven #whalerescue . . From @richardjpurcell

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