Joy Reid Totally Shuts Down Trump Supporting Pastor, ‘You’re Wasting My Time, Bye!’ -VIDEO

Joy Reid destroyed this Trump supporting pastor Saturday morning. She threw him off the air. Then, when the pastor posted a Twitter video telling her to “move to Haiti,” Joy destroyed him again.

Saturday morning, MSNBC’s Joy Reid had a fiery exchange with Trump supporting Pastor Mark Burns on her show AM Joy. Pastor Burns came on the show to defend Donald Trump’s racist remarks this week when he called African nations and Haiti “shitholes.”

Burns first tried to deny that Trump ever said the shithole comments. He told Joy that the Republicans that were in the room said Trump never said it. That was a lie. Joy quickly pointed out that Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin, who were both in the room, confirmed that Trump did make the racist comments. Two of the other Republicans in the room said they “didn’t recall” if Trump said the words.

Burns spewed a bunch of ridiculous Trump talking points. And he continually spoke over Reid’s questions, which he refused to answer.

Finally, by the end of the heated interview, Joy was fed up. She said, “I’m gonna give you one more chance to answer my question and then we’re gonna be done here, because you’re actually wasting my time when you talk over me and don’t answer my question.”

Burns responded saying, “You’re wasting my time.”

Joy then said, “Oh, well then, if I’m wasting your time, then goodbye.” And the interview abruptly ended.

But the exchange didn’t end there. After Burns left the studio and was in the car on the way home, he recorded a Twitter video in which he told Reid that she should “move to Haiti.”

After his video posted to social media, Joy addressed it live on the air.

“Wow,” she responded. “Let me address you. sir, I always do try to be kind to the people who are on the show, but we’re not friends. You’re somebody that I am glad that you’re willing to come on and I do try to be fair to you and I’m glad that you can see that.”

“As to the idea that I need to move to Haiti to be concerned about the people there; sir, you are a pastor,” she continued. “And in the Bible — you love to quote the Bible. Let me quote you John. It says: ‘Whoever sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?’”

“I hope that you will open your heart to the people of this world, to the people of this country and do your duty as a Christian to love your neighbor as yourself,” Joy said before sarcastically adding, “But thanks for sharing your views.”

Here’s the first clip:

Then this happened after Burns posted his Twitter video:

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