So What Is This Mystery Memo That The Republicans Are So Excited About?

Republicans are losing their minds about a new Devin Nunes memo that they say will destroy the Mueller investigation. Here’s what they’re talking about….

There’s a new top-secret document in D.C. that is making Republicans salivate. They seem to think that they’ve finally found the thing that will blow up Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. So what are they talking about? Is there anything to this?

This memo that they’re talking about is a four-page classified report written by House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes that alleges government abuses of surveillance authority.

The details of the memo are still classified. But several Republican members of Congress, including Reps. Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and Mark Meadows – who have seen the memo – say that it is so explosive and damning that it could lead to criminal prosecution of government officials in the FBI and DOJ.

The House Intelligence Committee voted on a party-line vote last week to make the memo available to all members of Congress. But, in order to view the memo, lawmakers are being forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Their goal now is to have the memo declassified and released to the public.

Committee Democrats are already saying that the memo is basically bullshit. The Democrats say that Nunes wrote the memo without consulting any of them.

The committee’s top Dem, Adam Schiff, dismissed the document as “rife with factual inaccuracies and referencing highly classified materials that most of Republican Intelligence Committee members were forced to acknowledge they had never read.” According to Schiff, the document “is meant only to give Republican House members a distorted view of the FBI.”

It’s important to note that anything coming from Trump lapdog Devin Nunes should be considered with great skepticism. Nunes has already proven himself a liar who will do anything to protect Donald Trump.

Even though Nunes is still the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, he was forced last March to recuse himself from the Russia investigation after he gave a ridiculous theatrical performance trying to discredit the entire investigation. Nunes was given bogus information directly from the White House, which he then took back to the White House as if it were something he discovered on his own. Then, in a press conference, he made claims that there had been illegal unmasking going on in the Obama administration.

Nunes’ claims never proved true.

On top of that, Lawfare reports,

“Nunes’s actions don’t quite look like those of a House intelligence committee chairman earnestly horrified by his discovery of serious surveillance abuses. He didn’t share any of the information he allegedly unearthed with his Democratic colleagues before drafting the memo. There’s no evidence that he sought to call witnesses to investigate his concerns. He just wrote a document, declared it shocking and made it available to people likely to be shocked.”

Fox News has described Nunes’ new memo as a report that addresses “abuses of FISA.” The New York Times says that the memo’s main focus is the FBI’s alleged use of the Steele dossier to get a FISA warrant against Carter Page. But we already know that the dossier corroborated information that the FBI already had.

Republicans have been trying anything and everything to protect Trump. They tried discrediting the Steele dossier. That didn’t work. They tried making the investigation all about Hillary and Uranium One. That didn’t work. They tried attacking members of Mueller’s team. That didn’t work. And now they’re trying to make a big deal of this Nunes memo. That won’t work either.

“This is a moment to take a step back and assess the bigger picture, of which the memo appears to be just one part. And that picture shows a long-term collaboration between pro-Trump Republicans and pro-Trump media to systematically kick up dust around the Mueller investigation. The effort is not to definitively prove any one allegation of corruption or wrongdoing by the president’s enemies but, rather, to create an atmosphere of distrust and confusion. The longer people fail to recognize that effort for what it is, the better chance it has of working.”

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