New Hilarious Video Lip Reads Trump’s Epic Fail With Singing The National Anthem -VIDEO

It doesn’t look like the stable genius knows the words of the national anthem. So the folks at Bad Lip Reading made this brilliant new video to show us what Trump was actually singing.

On Monday night, Donald Trump made an appearance at the College National Championship football game in Atlanta. And, in typical Trump fashion, he tried to make the night all about him.

For months, Trump has been attacking NFL football players for taking a knee during the anthem. So on Monday night, he wanted to show the country how to really respect the Star Spangled Banner. Trump took center field along with members of the military, he crossed his heart, and he proudly sang out the words of the beloved national anthem.

Only one problem. He didn’t seem to know all of the words to the song.

And, because it’s so much fun to mock the stable genius, the folks over at Bad Lip Reading made a brilliant new video of the event. They were able to read Trump’s lips and tell us what Trump was actually singing. And it’s hilarious.

Following the game, Don Jr. tweeted out praise for his father’s performance thanking him for “showing how it’s done.” Comedian Tom Arnold tweeted back, “I get it dude. You guys are practically family. I had Rosanne’s back when she fucked up the national anthem too.”

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