Pauly Shore Hilariously Reenacts Stephen Miller’s Disastrous CNN Interview -VIDEO

Pauly Shore’s parody is not only hilarious, it’s also eerily realistic.

On Sunday, Trump’s senior advisor Stephen Miller made an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper. And it was a complete train wreck. He was supposed to be there to defend Donald Trump. But he ended up looking as unhinged as Trump himself.

So, this week, the people at Funny or Die made this hilarious new video reenacting the CNN interview with comedian Pauly Shore playing Miller.

Shore’s Miller tells Jake Tapper at the beginning of the interview, “This will not go well.”

Then he accused Tapper of reporting fake news because CNN didn’t report the whole story of Trump’s nicknames for Bannon.

“He’s not just ‘Sloppy Steve.’ The president also calls him Rumpy Ralph, Splotchy Sam, Louie Anderson from the show Baskets,” he told Tapper. “There’s several names the president calls him, but you at CNN just report one name because you’re fake news! We all know that! You’re lucky I don’t punch you in the fucking face!”

Just like the real Miller interview, Shore’s interview quickly devolved into insane shouting.

Shore’s Miller tells Tapper, “I’m not here to answer your dumb questions. I’m here to suck Donald Trump’s dick.”

This isn’t the first time that Shore has impersonated Miller. In August Funny or Die released another hilarious video with Shore reenacting a press briefing with Miller.

One thing’s for sure. The Trump administration is providing plenty of jobs for comedians and satirists.

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